Feel prepared for labor and Baby's first week home.

Imagine peacefully walking through the Labor and Delivery doors knowing exactly what to ask, what to answer, and what to expect.

Labor and Beyond will change your life.

Here's a free crash course so you can see for yourself!

Here's how Labor + Beyond
will get you there

real answers to everything you're googling

Rich with details on what to do when that first contraction hits

2 sessions that will give you peace of mind

You'll breathe a sigh of relief as you learn your options and get clear on what to expect

A Coach + a Doula = Endless expertise

From personal experience to certified expertise--this workshop is all you need to start feeling prepared

You can go from feeling overwhelmed and unprepared
to clear and empowered.

Day 1 topics

How will i know im in labor?

We'll tell you the clear physical signs to look for so you'll know when to go to the hospital--and when to stay home and relax (your gas tank will thank us $$$).

I'm scared to make an emergency decision

You won't be after we teach you to use your BRAIN when the medical staff bombards you with questions (it's not what you think!)

What really happens after I deliver?

If you didn't know ________, you're going to feel overwhelmed when it happens!

and more

Day 2 topics

Don't freak out in The first week home

There will be long nights, weird poop, and not enough showers. But those little newborn cries won't scare you because you'll know the quick and easy solutions to magically calm your baby.

What do I do when my baby won't stop crying

If you don't try these 2 amazing techniques, you're going to be crying right along with the baby!

What if I don't feel all the feels everyone talks about

You might not fall in love with your baby the moment you hold him. But after learning why, you won't feel disappointed.

and more

Get a clear path of events from your first contraction to hearing that first sweet cry.

Why This workshop?

Because your due date is getting SO close and your anxiety is through the roof.

Every time you ask friends about labor, they say it’s all a blur and
dismiss your questions as first time mom jitters.

You just. want. answers.

Aaaand this is pretty cool too...

No Fancy Lingo

We explain things in ways that are clear and easy to understand.

Feel prepared even when plans change

Birth can be peaceful even with an unexpected C-Section!
You'll learn what's truly an emergency and we'll empower you to make informed decisions.

2 experts guiding you

You'll hear my birth experience during Covid, and get empowering information from a registered Doula. Ummm, that's pretty amazing!

This is for you if

You want to know what to do from the moment you feel contractions to the moment you arrive home to the sound of your happy dog scratching at your front door.

Let's be real:
How many times has Google turned your questions into a scary diagnosis?
Is that helping you feel more confident to give birth? Definitely not!

you're already googling what we talk about in this workshop

Things like

Sound familiar?

That's why I made sure that my workshop gets you clarity on

You're so ready to say "goodbye" to anxiety and "hello" to conquering labor
for less than what you spend at target

$ 27 PS: This is SO much cheaper than all the baby gadgets from Amazon that don't make you feel any more prepared 🙂
Save now!

Still not sure? You have 2 options

You can feel prepared with our amazing workshop and get

Or keep stressing about how unprepared you feel, and

What you're really going to get for only $27:

Feel like a good Mom

Be confident in the choices you make for you and baby.

Understand your baby

I promise he’s not crying to frustrate you. You’ll have quick and easy ways to soothe him.

Know what to expect in the hospital

So that even if an emergency happens, you are prepared.

Heal well post partum

It’ll be uncomfortable but I have a resource that tells you exactly what you need.

Baby-proof your relationship

It’ll get put on the back burner if you’re not careful. We make you aware of how much things change.

Peace of Mind

Help is limited and time is flying. We give you the tools to be able to conquer every challenge in labor and post partum

So that when they place your baby in your arms and send you home, you won’t sit glued to the chair thinking “omg, now what?”

Yup, all of this for just $27!

Hi there, I'm tiffany!

I became a first time Mom in the height of Covid and I had no where to turn and no one around to help. There was no village to lean on and it was hard! I created this workshop so that this is the last day you are unsure and overwhelmed.

I want to meet you where you are and give you the clarity you haven't found in friends, family, or Google.

I can't wait to encourage you and come alongside your journey as you enter motherhood!